"I was introduced to Beats the Streets through Paul Martino while doing some professional networking.  I met Jeanette Hames and Paul one Saturday last year at the Alpharetta Ed Isakson Family YMCA where I serve on the board.  The YMCA is partnering with organizations who can take a lead role in community development areas that are where the Y is not and where the Y can support.  Services for the homeless in North Fulton is one of those areas and we wanted to explore Beats the Streets."

"Beats the Streets stood out to me as they have a holistic psychological approach to getting the homeless off the street and their board members are actively involved in the work they do.  When non-profit board members are doing the work of the organization there is personalization, a passion and effectiveness that permeates the work and the organization.  The first example I saw of this was that Jeanette and Paul came to our meeting equipped to serve a gentleman we had told them about.  When we could not locate him that day.  They came back found his van that is his home and left him a Christmas gift.  We are still corresponding to find a solution for this particular individual while many in the community are caring for him."

David Cochran, YMCA Board Member

"It was an early Monday morning when I arrived to Christ Centered Career Group (C3G) at NorthPoint Community Church and noticed a young lady sitting alone, quietly at a round table dressed in a hoodie with a worn out Webster's Dictionary. She caught my eye and I asked her if it was her first time at C3G. She was very proper and articulate and responded, yes. 

"From there on, the Lord orchestrated the conversation in our women's table where each shared what kind of job we were looking for and what kind of challenges we were facing.  At that point, we discovered this lovely woman, Cynthia, was living out of her car and finding ways to use public resources for her basic daily needs. Our hearts became heavy. That day the ladies at the table gave her encouragement and advice, but it was Dec 22.  Everyone had things to do and families to care for during the hustle and bustle of the Holidays."

"I reached out to Peter the facilitator, but God would have it that a fellow job seeker David, asked if he could help. David was used of God to place this wonderful lady in the right hands. We tried to find a shelter but phones were not being manned and shelters were full. I asked my dear husband if we could manage to provide Cynthia a week at a extended stay so that she wouldn't be on the street for Christmas. He said yes! My husband is a wonderful, protector of our family and he normally would be suspicious of such request without knowing specifics. Again, the Lord worked in our hearts.  But we still didn't have a good solution."

"David reached out to Jeanette Hames and Paul Martino from Beats the Streets. This is when the real love of God was manifested.  Jeanette visited this young lady every day providing, clothing, grooming, and Spiritual sustenance, taking her to church all during the Christmas holidays between Dec 23 and through the month of January.

"In the meanwhile, Paul Martino was working with her too.  He set up an interview for a job at the Royak Group, who offered her a job.  Paul's family provided his family home for shelter and meals AND provided transportation to work for over a month until she could save enough to find an apartment."

"The compassion and care doesn't stop there. Beats the Streets turned around this precious life in a month. I haven't seen an organization move so swiftly to make a significant change in a homeless person's life."

Ivonne Alemany, Christ Centered Career Group

"While serving the attendees of Christ Centered Career Group, another volunteer servant (Ivvone)  asked me where the leader, Peter Bourke was.  Peter had left for an appointment so I asked if I could help.   She told me of a talented professional young lady that had come to Atlanta looking for work but had no home or support group and was living in her car.  That day and the next we tried several large and established organizations and were exposed to contact numbers that did not function or eventually ended up with a busy signal and to shelters that were at capacity.  The volunteer (Ivonne) could not bear knowing the young lady was living in her car during the cold winter nights so she provided a hotel for a week."

"In the mean time, I introduced the volunteer servant to Beats the Streets.  Paul and Jeanette personally connected with the situation to provide not just continuation of food and shelter, but a comprehensive program.  In two months’ time this young lady has a job, she has her own apartment and is saving for a car."  

"Beats the Streets is about breaking the cycle.  Beats the Streets is about personal engagement.  Beats the Streets is about doing your part and letting others use their God given talents.  Beats the Streets is about letting God be the foundation for lasting change and giving Him the glory.  I am a believer."

David Cochran/YMCA Board Member

Please contact Jeanette Hames at JHames@BeatsTheStreets.org to become a Business Partner, Funding Partner or Supporter to help us in our mission to end homelessness through a multi-faceted program that creates change within the homeless men, women and children.

We love
We love
to enrich the lives of our participants through apprenticeships, educational services and workshops, job development and training, parenting skills, mentoring and our child outreach program.
We serve
We serve
the shelters of the homeless and the poor communities with minor renovation and repairs; we also build community gardens and safe play grounds to help create community.
We care
We care
for the children’s needs of those in our program and in the communities. Our day care enrichment and after school care program incorporates tutors for their educational studies and age appropriate, life skills.
We believe
We believe
as a faith based non-profit organization, it is our mission to provide aid to the homeless, those in critical need and the shelters that provide for them.

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