Why would an Employer choose to become an BUSINESS PARTNER?

Apprenticeship programs provide an opportunity for sponsors to share the costs of training through economy of scale and by using available federal and state resources to assist in developing and delivering training programs. Apprenticeship programs can attract more highly qualified applicants because they typically offer competitive entry-level wages for trainees and guarantee employment for a specific period of time.

Employers have a direct influence on what apprentices learn through work processes and related classroom curriculum. Apprenticeship Programs provide incentives that reduce absenteeism and turnover because apprentices are guaranteed increased wages as they progress through the program. The Apprenticeship Programs establish a framework that can be utilized by employers for journeyworkers training regarding new applications and new materials in the industry.

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a total of $1,938,182 in grants to help women through the Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations program, an initiative designed to recruit, train and retain women in high-skill occupations in advanced manufacturing, transportation, energy, construction, information technology and other industries.

Federal Grants for Business Partners offering Apprenticeships

  • In order to apply for a grant, you and/or your organization must complete the registration process. Registration can take between three-five business days or as long as two weeks if all steps are not completed in a timely manner. Register for grant opportunities now.

  • Download an application package, complete the grant application offline. Save changes to your application as you go, does NOT automatically save changes. The package cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed.

BECOME A BUSINESS PARTNER by providing internships or apprenticeships for the homeless and those in critical need.


BTS Staffing is the job placement branch of Beats the Streets and places resources in permanent and contract opportunities in Atlanta. BTS Staffing works on a contingency basis with employers. 

Employers who partner with BTS Staffing gain access to a highly motivated, hand-selecteed pool of candidates who are eager, excited and ready to hit the ground running.

In addition, our hourly rates are 10% lower than our competittors and we charge no conversion fee for direct hir or for contract-to-hire after 120 days.

Our Director of Job Development & Placement, Paul Martino, has been in the recruiting business for 18 years in Atlanta. His background has provided him with the experience and knowledge to lead the BTS Staffing team in providing qualified resources to employers in the following areas:

Administrative Assistants / Executive Assistants

Interns for IT and Healthcare positions

PC Support Specialists / Help Desk

Warehouse Supervisors

Call Center / Customer Service

Medical Coders

Account Executives / Business Development

Supply Chain & Logistics

Healthcare IT & Healthcare Clinicians

Business Analysts

Project Coordinators

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

To provide employment, apprenticeship, internship or to reach BTS Staffing, call 678-640-4668 or email Paul at


  "What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has not deeds?" James 2:14

Church partners can provide the faith community that the homeless men, women and children so desperately need as their lives are filled with disparity and loss of hope. Your church may want to speakers, shuttles to and from church for those living in shelters or donate the funds so that we can purchase a van to provide transportation to church and other congretational events.

Congregations can respond with a variety of creative community-building opportunities: glass art, music, hiking, yoga, even kickball!  Recreational and craft activities programs strongly suggested that community engagement is one measurable indicator of their success in a self-sustainable life.

Bring your church family together to change lives. You can provide Bibles for adults and children.  Gently worn Business attire and shoes for the men and women beginning their job coaching, interviews and placement.  Meeting rooms for special events or host a special event at your church. Open your youth group to supervised,volunteer work with the children their age or younger.  Discover these and other great ways to engage your congregation to put their faith into action.

For more information or to become a Church Partner, please call Jeanette at 678-778-9596 or email her at


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Funding partner of Beats the Streets. We rely on the generosity of Funding partners to help us with our mission in providing the resources to help homeless single men and women, and families build a life of self-sustainability.  We are not a SHELTER - We are a SPRINGBOARD.  We want to end the cycle and the only way to end it is to help them learn and equip them with the support and tools needed to lead a self-sustainable with a plan for the future.

Becoming a Funding Partner gives your business a positive visibility.  Corporate philanthropy has come to be a integral part of the identity of most large corporations and many smaller businesses as well.  The more visible aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility is a corporation's willingness to promote and support community, national, and global causes.

Corporations that support Beats the Streets in their efforts to transform lives of Atlanta's homeless, know that doing good is good business.  Not only do employees prefer to work for companies that show responsible corporate citizenship, but nearly 90% of consumers want the products and services they use to support a worthy cause.  Companies also often help their employees give to charities and even match those contributions.  Employee volunteer programs are popular too.

We are thankful for each Funding Partner's support and the ability to provide awareness to a variety of audiences in support of our mission while engaging employees and consumers in a positive cause. We always welcome the opportunity to develop new Funding partnerships and value the enthusiasm that is generated by our mission.

We need your help to help those in critical need.  Please contact or call 678-778-9596

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.   Proverbs 19:17

Apprenticeship Program  "Tooling Up"

What is the purpose of the apprenticeship program?

The purpose of the "Apprenticeship Program" is to enable our Business Partners to develop and apply industry standards to training programs for registered apprentices that can increase productivity and improve the quality of the workforce. Apprentices who complete registered Apprenticeship Programs are accepted by the industry as journeyworkers. By providing on-the-job training, related classroom instruction, and guaranteed wage structures, employers who sponsor apprentices provide incentives to attract and retain more highly qualified employees and improve productivity. Certifications earned through registered Apprenticeship Programs are recognized nationwide.

How does the apprenticeship program work?

A Business Partner may choose to sponsor an apprenticeship program. Although sponsors define specific program standards, all registered programs must be aligned with industry occupational standards to provide authenticity and consistency in certification. Industry standards describe the skills to be mastered by workers to qualify for beginning-to-expert level occupations in various sectors of our nation’s economy. The more specific standards written by program sponsors also define the selection process, wages earned by apprentices as training progresses, length of time the employer will provide on-the-job training, and number of classroom instruction hours required.

Business Partners can elect to provide classroom instruction privately or enter into agreements with state-funded community colleges or school districts. Apprentices enrolled at public institutions are exempt from paying registration, matriculation, and lab fees. Unlike other workforce education programs offered at public institutions, sponsors select apprentices to participate in programs based on selection criteria that are defined in the program standards.

The length of an Apprenticeship Program varies from one to five years depending on occupation training requirements. In Georgia, the majority of apprentices train in traditional construction programs such as electricity, plumbing, pipefitting, and heating and air conditioning installation and repair. However, there are many other programs that provide training for machinists, sheet metal, carpenter, roofer, childcare workers, chefs, mechanics, information technology specialists, and other “non-traditional” trades. 

By becoming a Business Partner and sponsoring an Apprenticeship Program, employers can build employee loyalty, reduce the cost of training, attract more applicants, and improve productivity.

To volunteer with “Tooling Up" or to become a "Business Partner", please email or call 678-640-4668

We love
We love
to enrich the lives of our participants through apprenticeships, educational services and workshops, job development and training, parenting skills, mentoring and our child outreach program.
We serve
We serve
the shelters of the homeless and the poor communities with minor renovation and repairs; we also build community gardens and safe play grounds to help create community.
We care
We care
for the children’s needs of those in our program and in the communities. Our day care enrichment and after school care program incorporates tutors for their educational studies and age appropriate, life skills.
We believe
We believe
as a faith based non-profit organization, it is our mission to provide aid to the homeless, those in critical need and the shelters that provide for them.

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